Corporate Contest Rules Archive


Pursuant to FCC Amends Section 73.1216 of the Commission’s Rules, the following information and rules links pertain to specific Cumulus corporate contesting run on this and other Cumulus stations.

Win a SCAREcation
Run Dates: 2017-10-02—2017-10-31
Official Rules

Shake it with Shania
Run Dates: 2017-09-29—2017-10-05
Official Rules

Get Backstage with Garth Brooks
Run Dates: 2017-09-15—2017-09-21
Official Rules

$1,000 Giveaway ($4k a Day)
Run Dates: 2017-09-14—2017-10-11
Official Rules

Get Your Voodoo On At Voodoo Fest
Run Dates: 2017-09-04—2017-09-17
Official Rules

Show Us Your Colors Football Photo Contest
Run Dates: 2017-09-04—2017-09-24
Official Rules

Old Dominion VIP Fan Flyaway
Run Dates: 2017-08-23—2017-08-31
Official Rules

Pick Your Performance at Austin City Limits
Run Dates: 2017-08-21—2017-09-03
Official Rules

Ultimate Labor Day Party Giveaway
Run Dates: 2017-08-13—2017-09-04
Official Rules

Jet Set to Meet Brett Eldredge
Run Dates: 2017-08-04—2017-08-10
Official Rules

Hot Off the Grill Sweepstakes
Run Dates: 2017-07-31—2017-08-20
Official Rules for Hot Off the Grill Sweepsakes

Go Home with Halsey
Run Dates: 2017-07-07—2017-07-13
Official Rules for Go Home with Halsey

Harley Davison Full Throttle Sturgis Flyaway
Run Dates: 2017-06-26—2017-07-23
Official Rules for Sturgis Flyaway

Brad Paisley Flyaway
Run Dates: 2017-06-23—2017-07-29
Official Rules for Brad Paisley Flyaway

Red, White & WIN Giveaway
Run Dates: 2017-06-19—2017-07-04
Official Rules for Red, White and WIN Giveaway 2017

Live Like Cheap Trick at Red Rocks
Run Dates: 2017-06-16-2017-06-29
Official Rules for Cheap Trick Flyaway

Top Pop Giveaway
Run Days: 2017-06-05–2017-06-18
Official Rules for Top Pop Giveaway

Luke Combs Flyaway
Run Dates: 2017-06-02–2017-06-08
Official Rules for Luke Combs Flyaway

Rascal Flatts Fan Flyaway
Run Dates: 2017-05-19—2017-05-25
Official Rules for Rascal Flatts Fan Flyaway

Zac Brown Band Flyaway
Run Dates: 2017-05-12—2017-05-18
Official Rules for Zac Brown Band Flyaway

U2 Fan Flyaway
Run Dates: 2017-05-08—2017-05-21
Official Rules for U2 Fan Flyaway

Chris Stapleton Fan Flyaway
Run Dates: 2017-05-05—2017-05-11
Official Rules for Chris Stapleton Fan Flyaway

The Great Mothers Day Giveaway
Run Dates: 2017-05-01—2017-05-14
Official Rules for Mothers Day Giveaway

BBMA VIP Trip Giveaway
Run Dates: 2017-04-27—2017-05-11
Official rules for BBMA VIP Trip Giveaway

Uncle Sam’s Sweepstakes
Run Dates: 2017-03-27—2017-04-15
Official rules for Uncle Sam’s Sweepstakes

Win a trip to the 52nd ACM Awards
Run Dates: 2017-03-09—2017-03-23
Official Rules for ACM Awards Giveaway

Million Dollar Bracket Challenge
Run Dates: 2017-03-08—2017-04-03
Official Rules for Million Dollar Bracket Challenge

Luck of the Irish Giveaway
Run Dates: 2017-03-06—2017-03-17
Official Rules for Luck of the Irish Giveaway

Win a trip to Stagecoach
Run Dates: 2017-02-27—2017-03-05
Official Rules for Stagecoach Festival Flyaway

See Blink-182 in London
Run Dates: 2017-02-27—2017-03-12
Official Rules for Blink-182 London Flyaway

Hang Hardwired with Metallica
Run Dates: 2017-02-13–2017-02-27
Official Rules for Metallica Flyaway

Meet Bon Jovi Fan Flyaway
Run Dates: 2017-02-06–2017-02-20
Official Rules for Bon Jovi Flyaway

Brantley Gilbert Flyaway
Run Dates: 2017-01-27–2017-02-02
Official Rules for Brantley Gilbert Flyaway

2017 GRAMMYs Flyaway
Run Dates: 2017-01-19—2017-02-02
Official Rules for GRAMMYs Flyaway

Bonnaroo Flyaway
Run Dates: 2017-01-09—2017-01-20
Official Rules for Bonnaroo Flyaway

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