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Alison W. Dowe: Executive VP, CCO and Corporate Responsibility Officer

Chuck visits with Alison W. Dowe, Synovus Bank’s Executive VP, CCO and Corporate Responsibility Officer speak about Financial Education, it’s necessity for college students, and just how important it is for EVERYONE! Find out WHY Synovus wants to give you as much financial information as possible to customers in order to ensure their prosperous future!MORE

Financial Huddle: The Financial Aspects of a Stadium PSL

Chris Brown, Certified Financial Advisor for Synovus discusses the fianncial complications of owning a stadium PSL and what folks like Tom Brady do when they deposit a weekly paycheck in excess of $2.1 Million. It’s an entertaining and interesting discussion about how many of us WISH we could live!MORE

Mitzie Stone on Branded Credit Cards

Mitzie Stone, Director of Consumer Credit Cards for Synovus Bank talks with Chuck about “branded credit cards.” Those are those credit cards that are tied in with brands like Universities, Pro Sports Teams, and so on.  Are there advantages with Branded Cards?  Are their special pitfalls to be aware of?  Chuck and Mitzie expound on…MORE

Zack Bishop – Synovus Executive VP of Operations & Security

In this installment, Synovus Synovus Executive VP of Operations & Security joins Chuck to discuss issues of cyber and identity security when purchasing college football souvenirs, tickets, online password security practices, and how to spot fake web sites and emails looking to SCAM YOU!MORE